One warm morning I woke up getting ready for a hike. I was getting ready to hike on a high mountain. The mountain is called mount Kenya its 5,199m high. I packed some food and water. Just to be safe I packed a map and compass and I also packed a tent and blanket when it gets cold. Then i was walking up the pathway I heard a branch snap. I kept on going walking up the rocks. I set up my tent because it was getting dark it was only ten minutes in the hike. At this point  I didn’t know what to do. There was lots of fog and I didn’t want to get lost I was half way up the mountain. However I still set up the tent just to be safe. i heard a pack of wolfs howling in the air. So Hid under my blanket and cover up the tent with leaves. finally the sun came-out at this moment i was really confused…..


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My name is Areeba and I am from Pakistan and i’m now in Adelaide from the last 11 years.

I am turning 11 in March 15th My favourite subject is Art i’m really good at basketball and netball.

i’m getting a rabbit named Coco and another rabbit named Shadow.